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Pub Paradiso - Hell's Sanctuary

Because here a hard mattress and grainy toilet paper seems like paradise

Pub Paradiso
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In the midst of Level Six, down a crooked and unlikely alleyway, is a small pub. Its gently swaying sign, all peeling paint and rotting wood, declaring it “Pub Paradiso”.

This is a sanctuary for all Hell’s denizens, torture is strictly forbidden within its walls and any shade is welcome to stay the night – but only one night, once a month. Here they can enjoy small comforts like a shower, a bed, toilet paper and most importantly, three square meals and maybe more than a few earthly vices.

However don't be deceived, the menu may look delicious and the beds feathery and soft, but the staff tend to get their orders mixed up, the mattress' are filled with stray, rusty springs and the sheets always want washing.

Even though they may not always get what they order, the Pub is a relaxed, safe corner to occasionally hide from the unrelenting horror and pain of their reality.